My Beaten Heart is a non-profit organization focused on domestic violence and abuse in our community. Our mission is to be the main source of contact providing everything a victim will need during and after abuse. We want to assist victims with getting their lives back on track after one makes the bravest decision of their life and that’s “leave”. MBH wants to be the go to center, providing all resources and essentials needed. We will help heal the brokenhearted & we aim to empower the minds of men, women and children all over the world who have been victims of abuse. MBH encourages love, not hate and we serve with compassion not judgement. We believe in the power of restoration & separation! My Beaten Heart is the voice in our community that will build an awareness so strong that it extends the vision worldwide reaching victims from the inner city to the richest suburb.  


Founder, Tyria Thomas was given this vision from God immediately following her own story of survival. On September 16, 2014 she was involved in a domestic dispute with her then boyfriend which lead to her being shot 6 times with a 40 caliber weapon and then him, fatally, turning the gun on himself. The process of this traumatic experience has allowed Ms. Thomas to be a knowledgeable recipient of Gods miracle working power and has been the driving force behind her diligence to passionately bring awareness to domestic violence in our communities and across the globe.


Tyria Thomas states: "Because I am alive to tell my story, I vow to help as many people as I can. Many are ashamed, damaged & have suffered much. I want to help these individuals to become whole again after the brokenness. Preventing others from making the same mistakes that I've made. In my particular case there were two victims, both he and I, therefore my focus is on the issue and not the gender. Hurting people can't help but to hurt people. One must unlearn the dysfunctional patterns of the past and learn to love better. I believe in self-worth and real love which is taught through a genuine relationship with thy self and God. Domestic Violence knows no boundaries and is no respect of persons so together we ALL can play a part in ending this disease of TOXIC love." 

1 Peter 5:10  After you’ve suffered a while, I will establish thee.

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Our goal as an organization is to be the very heart that some relationships are missing.
We wish to provide shelter, love, & all the resources needed that will help guide the abused to 
a pain-less  and victorious life.
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